Wecovi Ltd.

Wecovi Service supplies everything you need to surpise your guests with a warm welcome. From practical cleaning packs to delightfull coffee and tea sets and mini bathroom sets: products that all help to make your guests` stay even more enjoyable.

Complete ready-made sets or sets customised to your particular wishes. Each and every item is of high quality and easy to order via our web shop. The result: satisfied holiday guests who are keen to return.

From bed & breakfast to bungalow parks
As the European market leader in guest sets for the recreation sector, each year we supply more than four million guest sets to more than 1,500 clients: ranging from small-scale camping sites and bed & breakfasts to large bungalow parks. We are based in Zwolle, and have a number of European branch offices, where our distributors are close to our clients. You see, at our family business personal ties with our clients are deemed paramount.

Wecovi: always a warm welcome


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