Disc Golf UK Ltd.

Family Friendly fun! Disc Golf courses offer so much for so little. Everyone can play and all ages do.

We design and install courses on any type of terrain from thick woodland to cliffs, to marshy ground. We have installed courses in public parks, stately homes, family entertainment venues, schools, leisure parks, golf courses and the potential venues are endless.

Courses bring in new and varied footfall to your property and are cheap to install and have negligible costs to maintain.

We are experts in designing courses around other activities safely whilst still providing challenge and fun for all abilities.

Courses can range from 3 hole children friendly pitch and putts to 36 hole championship caliber tournament layouts. The big events in Europe draw crowds in their thousands and bring huge revenue to the area.

Disc Golf is a good walk enhanced and a Disc Golf UK designed course will find the most scenic areas of your land and showcase it to players.

Come and see us to see how we can make you money on otherwise underutilised land!

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