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  • Ian Bell OBE: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    Ian Bell OBE


    How to Fund Your Farm Diversification Project

  • Mark Scott: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    Mark Scott

    Clear Sky- The Glamping Experts

    Setting Up Glamping Sites Today And Beyond

  • Lord Carnarvon: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    Lord Carnarvon

    Highclere Enterprises Llp

    The Real Downton Abbey: Adding Value to the Brand Image at Highclere Castle

  • Rob Hindle: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    Rob Hindle

    Rural Solutions

    Rural Solutions discusses what makes an ‘enterprising estate’ and the value added to estates that dare to diversify

  • Jess Hall and Louise Newton: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    Jess Hall and Louise Newton


    Adding Value and Generating Income on Farms and Estates

  • Dr Alistair Nesbitt: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    Dr Alistair Nesbitt


    Grape-Growing and Wine-Making: Opportunities for Investment and Sector Growth

  • Dr Paul Thomas: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    Dr Paul Thomas

    Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd

    High Value Truffles: How to Cultivate Truffles on Your Land

  • Simon Marrington: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    Simon Marrington

    Tilhill Forestry

    Diversification Into Woodlands and Forestry

  • Guy Coxall: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    Guy Coxall

    HempTank/Cannabis Trades Association

    Is Hemp the Future of British Farming?

  • Rob Macklin: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    Rob Macklin

    National Trust

    Innovations for sustainable farming businesses: A National Trust perspective.

  • James Brown: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    James Brown


    Creating Farm Business Efficiency Through Innovation

  • Peregrine Mears: speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

    Peregrine Mears

    Peregrine Mears Architects Ltd

    Development & Diversification Opportunities for Farms & Rural Enterprises

Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism World Runs Alongside The Below Shows
6th & 7th November, NEC Birmingham

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An Enduring Playful Partnership: Timberplay’s Toddler Play Area

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Diversifying into Equestrian Sport: All You Need to Know

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“There’s gold under them there fields!”: is Your Land Hiding Rich Mineral Reserves

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How Wi-Fi Accessibility Can Help Create Memorable Experiences at Holiday Parks and Resorts

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Why You Should Set Up a Yoga Retreat At Your Holiday Park or Resort

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