New Booking and Leisure Management System Developments


Looking for a new way to improve your customer experience? FuseMetrix’ booking system will help both you AND your customers!

Last year, for the first time, FuseMetrix showcased its cloud-based booking and business management system to the tourism and leisure industry at the Family Attraction Expo. It provides everything you need to enhance your visitors’ experience and improve back-office efficiency.

This year FuseMetrix has launched four important new product developments to increase their customers’ online booking value and volume. To see what these new systems are all about, head on over to this year’s Family Attraction Expo by booking your FREE tickets. Don’t miss out on the chance to meet FuseMetrix to see what amazing new products and services they could provide you, to boost your customer experience.

This smiling customer on his phone is happy because the FuseMetrix booking system is so easy to use

FuseMetrix’s New Management System

This year, the FuseMetrix team have launched time-zone and site-management enhancements, which enable activities on sites in different time zones to be managed through one system. This introduction has improved the business transparency of international organisations and franchises by allowing more accurate business reporting than most other software packages, because it automatically takes time-zone differences into account.

The FuseMetrix time-zone management functionality dovetails with the platform’s inbuilt multilingual, tax jurisdiction and currency management capabilities. New QR wristbands enable customers to add upsells to their ticket purchase when booking their visit online, which improves staffing efficiency cash flow and helps to improve the visitor experience on your site.

For example, your customers could pre-book and purchase movies and photographs of themselves taking part in an activity. Pre-booking premium services helps remove uncertainty for leisure sites that rely on freelance supervisors or instructors during peak periods.

FuseMetrix has taken streamlining complex membership schemes a step further. Now, online customers can select to pay an annual or monthly charge to earn discounts, which FuseMetrix can automatically apply. Companies can bulk-buy multiple membership scheme levels with various privileges and apply a host of discounts.

FuseMetrix takes online membership bookings, calculates prices, generates invoices for the payment arrangement the customer selected, and produces the necessary payee and bank notifications. FuseMetrix’s latest membership booking enhancements remove and automate back-office tasks, making it easier for organisations to efficiently increase their recurring revenue.

The latest FuseMetrix room hire online booking system links all your venues and their availability, location, features and capacity to one customer experience. Each room’s booking process can be configured to offer upsells, cross-sells and discounts. This helps individual venues and networks of venues to attract all kinds of potential clients, from individuals who want to arrange a party or wedding, through to events managers looking to quickly and easily secure meeting or conference venues for the year ahead.

This conference with lots of people is just one of the many ways that FuseMetrix can help companies to boost bookings

Want to Meet FuseMetrix in Person?

All this has been added to a host of other FuseMetrix systems, including integrated e-booking, party bookings, vouchers, promotions, PoS, CRM and guest check-in. If you’re interested in what FuseMetrix does, and want to meet them in person, then get your FREE tickets to the Family Attraction Expo. Come along, on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham, and visit stand number FM2230 for more information.

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