AccessAble is here to take the chance out of going out. To give people the detailed information they need to work out if a place is going to be accessible to them.

Imagine... In today's society, it is generally accepted that you can find information about what venues are open and when, and even what I might be able to order when I am there. What is considerably more difficult is to find out whether I can park my car, can I get through the entrance, is there support available, and critically - can I use the toilet. These are of fundamental importance to a growing number of people and AccessAble, through its partnership with over 350 different organisations has been providing it online and through a mobile app to over 1.8 million people in the last 12 months.

We produce Detailed Access Guides which are 100% facts, figures and photographs. The Guides cover everything from parking and walking distances to restaurants, quiet spaces, accessible toilets and hearing loops.

For a disabled person, accessibility information is as essential as opening hours and location details, yet still most venues provide zero, minimal or purely generic access information, that always raises more questions than it answers. As we move into 2020, with 13 million disabled people across the UK and an increasingly ageing population, we believe its time to change.

AccessAble is the UK`s largest provider of accessibility information - having surveyed over 125,000 different venues since our establishment in 2002 and with an existing audience of almost 2 million people - isn`t it time you became part of the change?

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