Acoustic Arts

Quality outdoor musical instruments for educational, recreational and therapeutic settings.

According to recent research there is `a vast amount of compelling evidence` showing the `beneficial impact of actively making music on the intellectual, social and personal development of children.`* As the squeeze on creative arts in schools continues, the time may have come to look at alternative ways to engage and inspire the Beethovens and Biebers of tomorrow.

Acoustic Arts was set up in 1990 specifically to promote outdoor learning and creative play through music. In addition to providing open-air workshops for schools, arts and community groups, the team of artists, musicians and craftsmen has specialised in designing and building large-scale, public percussion instruments that are accessible to all ages and abilities.

The award-winning designs have been installed in museums, theme parks, sensory gardens and family attractions in the UK and around the world. Recent clients include The Horniman Museum in London, Springfield Museum in Massachusetts, The National Museum of Scotland, Willows Activity Farm and The Olympic Park in Stratford.

Acoustic Arts` products are known for their sound quality and reliability, but the team also places great importance on the aesthetic aspects of its designs. As well as developing bespoke musical sculptures and installations in consultation with clients, the company offers a ready-made range of elegant outdoor musical instruments available from its online catalogue.

Popular models include drums, chimes, xylophones and scrapers. These are accurately and compatibly tuned instruments offering a chance for both individual exploration and for group activities and performance. With minimal effort, the instruments will produce a bright, resonant tone to delight all players, regardless of experience. The all-round access and multi-sensory appeal of the designs help to create a stimulating and dynamic play environment that invites interaction, whether social, emotional, physical, intellectual or otherwise.

The instruments are constructed from re-purposed industrial materials to provide a robust and long-lasting resource suitable for all seasons. Timber frames are hand-crafted from locally sourced English larch. By using naturally durable materials, processing is kept to a minimum and products retain their looks and performance over time with minimal maintenance.

Instruments come with a choice of steel or timber frames to suit different climates and locations. They can be purchased singly or in sets to create a sculptural focal point, a musical trail or a dedicated play and performance area. The EN1176 compliant installations are delivered pre-assembled within 4-6 weeks of ordering. They come complete with galvanised steel legs for concreting into any surface.

*Music Education Council, 2015

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