APP-BIKE - BIKE HIRE SYSTEM for the Tourism Industry.

App-Bike is the UK's leading provider of automated bike hire schemes. We work with the tourism industry, local authorities, commercial and residential developers to provide bike hire that is simple, easy and fun to use.

App-Bike takes the pain, worry and hassle out of providing bike hire to your guests and visitors. We can provide full or part managed bike hire systems, and work with you to provide bike hire that is relevant to your guest profile. What's more it doesn't cost you anything to have an App-Bike system installed at your site(s).

Included in our Tourism package are;
The bikes and their maintenance
The locking system
The user app through which bikes are rented, unlocked, locked, returned and payments collected etc.
User support by telephone, email, in-app messaging.
On bike branding/ advertising for your business.

If you don't currently offer bike hire then now is the time to do it.

If you already offer bike hire, then our App-Bike system can streamline your operation and save you money.

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