Aqualand Industries Ltd

Durable products for the Holiday Parks, leisure and vending industries with next generation electrically powered vehicles for both water and land.

Leading the way in clean, low noise advanced battery powered kids adventure and exploration for Holiday groups, parks or any leisure facility offering.

This all-electric off-road experience is the perfect test of skill and coordination, whilst providing great fun and a sense of freedom. These UK designed and built, mini, six-wheeled, all electric buggies will let younger adventurers from 6 years upwards whizz around a multitude of terrains giving them a taste of driving off-road in the real-world.

This high-tech electrically powered all-terrain vehicle - with next generation safety features, unique communications interface, exhilarating game play technology. Leading the way in clean, low noise battery powered kids adventure and exploration activities.

Please see the Bugz in action -

These are a high tech electrically propelled body board for kids between 6 and 16 years old, designed and manufactured specifically for the Indoor pools, outside waterparks and leisure commercial vending.

With next generation safety features, unique and exhilarating game play technology and an on-board water cannon for target shooting and battle-play giving kids the chance to experience the thrill of powered water-play whilst racing their friends, or simply exploring the great outdoors.

Bod-jet fits perfectly into any watersports / Leisure offering, requiring little space or investment and providing a unique, profitable and safe attraction to enhance any current business offerings.

Please see the Bod-jets in action -

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