ARena Space

ARena Space is a digital entertainment park for the whole family based on interactive technologies: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and projection technologies.

ARena Space is a leader in the segment of scalable VR parks in Eastern Europe (by area) in the entertainment and retail industries. Over 3 years of work, we have created and confirmed the scalable business model of the VR park in various formats.

Our main product is the unforgettable experience that guests of parks receive while living VR adventures and stories with the help of unique equipment and a variety of game and educational VR content.

The ARena Space franchise is a modular and multi-product VR park ranging from 150 m2 to 2000 m2. The franchise package includes services for the creation and management of the park: management standards, product matrix, marketing plan, staff, technical support, filling the park with attractions and regularly updated content.

The franchise product also includes the company's own development - the VR platform management platform IT. ARena Park Manager is a CRM, ERP and loyalty, reservation, park management and reporting system.

At the moment, 7 points have been launched in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation, including 4 of its parks - the flagship project of the Central Kids Store in Lubyanka (620 m2) and 3 franchise points.

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