Asbac Lighting

Asbac Lighting have the Perfect Lighting Solution for your Park.
We are passionate about helping Holiday Parks across the UK with their Exterior Lighting needs. Our unique range of outdoor lighting is designed to meet your requirements:
• Durability
Park Lighting needs to be durable, reliable and low maintenance so staff can focus on other areas. All our ranges come with a Lifetime Guarantee against Corrosion so painting will not be required. Our fittings come with modular LED lamps that are very easy to replace so single lamps can be changed rather than replacing whole fittings.
• Energy Efficient
Using Modern LED options instead of older lighting options will save money and energy, All our lighting comes with a high efficiency LED options so less energy will be used and a brighter light output achieved
• Aesthetic Appeal
A park should be an inviting environment that creates great first impressions. The impressive Italian-made Fumagalli range is sleek and stylish and we offer both Classic and Modern ranges so the existing character of the park can be maintained.

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Stand Number: H1660