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Credible, visible and customer-centric security services, supported by 24/7 Dog response on all sites.

Shopping Centres & Parks

Bee Security LTD has operated in this environment since formation, focusing on delivering programmes and initiatives that deliver great customer experiences and risk mitigation.

During this time our model has evolved and adapted to the challenges we face whether that be the rising cost of labour, the changing structure of the retail marketplace and the UK threat levels. We have developed bespoke soft service and security solutions in partnership with our clients which meet their specific needs in a cost effective and proactive manner.

As crowded places, centres and parks can counter a wide range of risks and threats, ranging from terrorism, organised crime, gangs and anti-social behaviour to health and safety. Our role is to ensure that the centre is prepared, that the response is proportionate to risk and aligned to policy and that our people have the skills and confidence to deliver a safe and welcoming environment.

Intelligence is the single biggest contributor to effective security. It ensures that accurate information is available to design strategy, build local crime reduction partnerships, and support the centre security team in proactively preventing and managing incidents;

• Dedicated and expert management team
• Complete solutions for all environments within a centre
• Integrated cleaning solutions, promoting a one team approach
• Intelligence from GSOC improving the safety of your asset and people
• Analytic solutions to support marketing and security strategies
• Training & engagement; delivering customer service and risk mitigation

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