Boo Consultancy & Ruff Trade Training

Boo Consultancy has 10 years' experience consulting and providing staffing for visitor attractions.

We train professional actors in customer service and sales so they can deliver carefully constructed, bespoke strategies. Our clients include The National Gallery, Royal Museums Greenwich, The British Library, Kew Gardens and Wembley Stadium.

Boo`s sister company, Ruff Trade Training, transforms business by transforming people through its innovative training programmes and workshops.

Founded in response to demand from the tourism and hospitality sectors for solutions to the challenges of finding engaging front-line employees, Ruff Trade specialises in instilling pride in their roles and the confidence to deliver. This leads to dramatically improved customer experiences and business productivity.

We are different because our approach is different. Our training creates customer service professionals instead of servers; hospitality Michaelangelos instead of bored baristas; VPs of Brand and Customer Experience instead of `payroll`.

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