Boost Air

Boost-air: Sells Bubble foot, water parks, inflatable advertising structures.
Are you developing a leisure activity or are you looking for new ideas to energise your business? Boost-Air, is a French Company that has been around for years, we offer a wide range of products for sports, fun activities, water activities (water parks) or for your open spaces such as Bubble Football, for both children and adults.
We also have a range of products for your business or sporting events.
We demand top quality materials for our products. Our products are to CE standards, manufactured to the highest standard.
Make your open space your own! We offer bespoke solutions for every site and can put your logo or use your company colours for any of our products. Talk to us & let us help you make the most out of your space.

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+ 33 (0) 5 59 90 42 03

Stand Number: FM2050