Bowman Heat Exchangers

Heat Hot Tubs Faster; Bowman heat exchangers, used with an external boiler, can heat hot tubs in around 1 hour, using pre-heated water, or 3 hours with ambient temperature water, significantly reducing heat up time and reducing energy costs substantially compared to traditional electric heaters.
Hot Tubs are one of the most important visitor attractions any holiday park can offer. However, they can create a serious issue at guest change over times as the 3kW electric heater traditionally fitted many hot tubs only raises water temperature by around 1-2 degrees C per hour. Even where a holiday park re-fills its tubs with pre-heated water at 25 degrees C after cleaning, it can still take several hours to get the tubs up to full operating temperature.
Bowman heat exchangers enable hot tubs to be heated from an external heat source, such as gas, LPG or biomass boilers. They are highly efficient, raising water temperature by around 10-12 degrees C per hour, so when using pre-heated 25 degree C water, it takes only 1 hour to heat the tubs up to full temperature.
Additionally, by switching to a lower cost energy source, substantial savings can be made in energy costs comapred with electric heating, which has the worst environmental performance of any energy source when used for heating.
Bowman heat exchangers are being used by some of the leading holiday parks, who are benefitting from much faster heating and significantly reduced energy costs.
Using a Bowman heat exchanger can also enable 'off grid' holiday destinations to offer hot tubs to their guests using hybrid heat pump/LPG type boilers.
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