At CAPE SPC we deliver environmentally friendly, canine-assisted bedbug management.. Bedbugs are becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the UK. A single infestation can bring significant financial losses and be detrimental to a company's reputation.
CAPE SPC have over 20 years combined experience detecting and treating bedbug infestations making us the most experienced within the UK. We provide services across the hospitality sector including hotels, holiday parks, social housing, care homes, retirement living, hospitals, student lets and other temporary accommodation as well as residential properties.
Our integrated human-canine teams are what drive our success in reducing infestations and the impact they can have. The efficiency of this partnership enables us to offer our unique pro-active Bedbug programmes. These are aimed at early identification and eradication of infestations to prevent them impacting your business. We can also operate on a re-active basis to help treat established infestations.
All of our Bebug programmes are tailored to meet the needs of your business. Get in touch via for a free, no-obligation quote or on-site demonstration of our dogs in action.

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