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As part of the Carlsberg Group, Carlsberg UK has been brewing and selling some of Britain`s favourite beers. Today, they include Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export, Poretti, Grimbergen and Tuborg. We also hold the UK brand licences for San Miguel, Mahou and Brooklyn Brewery as part of our growing premium portfolio. But the Carlsberg story began with one man, J.C. Jacobsen, in 1847.

J.C was a pioneer, a man ahead of his time. He wanted to ensure that the art of brewing was maintained at a high and honourable level, and that brewing would further push the boundaries of scientific discovery and give back to society. His commitment to both science and community led to the establishment of the Carlsberg Foundation and the extraction of the first pure yeast culture in 1883. The culture enabled consistent high-quality brewing the world over, revolutionizing the industry.

From our founder we have been gifted our legacy `Semper Ardens`, meaning `Always Burning`. This mantra has been taken to heart by the 700 strong team at Carlsberg UK who live this every day by dedicating themselves to providing customers with the support they need and ensuring that we live of our purpose to brew for a better today and tomorrow. They are the living embodiment of what J.C Jacobsen built over 170 years ago. And more than 100 years after he mastered the art of brewing great Pilsner, we're still looking for ways to be better for the planet, for beer-drinkers and for customers alike.

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