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Specialising in the design of Electric Vehicle charging equipment for Domestic, Workplace, Holiday Park and Temporary Events, Charge Electric Ltd are set to Disruptively lead the way in this rapidly growing market in the UK and beyond. At the heart of our EV charging products is our unique Smart Intelligent Management System (Smart-iMS) which uses cloud-based AI to monitor and control our bespoke EV charging kit in the field.

Holiday Parks are on the brink of some major changes in the way they operate, as their clients migrate to full e-mobility over the next few years. Historically, the electrical demands from each home on a park could be catered for, but with the added heavy loading demands of EV charging, the existing infrastructure simply won't cope in most cases. A radical and new solution is therefore required. At Charge Electric, we not only understand the scale of this problem, but are working on a dedicated solution specifically aimed at resolving this for all Holiday Parks in the UK (and beyond).

Formed in collaboration with StratusWorks, EV Innovation and Beyond Innovation, each of whom are leaders in their field of expertise, we are taking EV charging to new levels in both AI and Skill-based IoT deployment. As product designers, we can facilitate those who are already in the EV charging sector, providing them with the opportunity to own and deploy their own EV charging hardware, instead of "white labelling" other manufacturer's kit. Additionally, we will disruptively facilitate many newcomers into the EV charging sector, by tailoring solutions to meet their specific marketing needs as they enter this new and rapidly growing market.

Through our collaboration with EV Innovation, we have direct access to one of the UK's largest independent installer networks, with over 220 installers covering Scotland alone, and plan to train new and existing installers to help with the deployment of our solutions in 2020. Beyond Innovation brings over 20 years' experience in designing new and exciting products for the renewable energy markets, and have a wealth of knowledge of bringing products to life. StratusWorks are market leaders in the design of Software-based systems, and form the "brain" of our Smart-iMS based solution.

As Electric Vehicle uptake continues to grow, the demand for a coherent and controlled EV charging solution for all types of users will expand exponentially. Our Domestic charging solutions will include full IoT compatibility, allowing Alexa and other smart home system integration from outset. Our APPs will give full control, from anywhere, over our kit, and will predictively manage the power to each charger, while considering the other loading factors in the home. A wealth of electrical safety features will ensure that our kit is among the safest on the market, and will set new standards in the EV charging sector, to which others will aspire.

Workplaces are about to undergo a major change in the way their businesses and employees conduct their daily lives, through the complete transformation and transition to e-mobility over the next few years and beyond. With that transition comes a series of hurdles which need to be overcome, especially in the way in which the business buys, stores, uses and generates power. The added electrical demands on businesses, through EV charging, will force change, and with that comes opportunity. Our Smart-iMS will provide the controlability and data required to understand how best to minimise power usage, while identifying when renewable energy and battery storage installations are prudent, to keep costs to a minimum, while keeping the day-to-day business operational. Our solution simplifies that process.

There are countless opportunities in the upcoming EV charging sector, with newcomers entering this market for the first time, and existing manufacturers wishing to expand their portfolio of products to meet the growing demands of their customers. If your business is a major supplier to the Holiday Park sector in particular, please come and visit us at Stand H1550 to discuss how we may be able to add new EV charging products to your portfolio.

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