Cocktails Machine

Italian designed cocktail machine with 75+ cocktails functioned by a tablet. It uses a combination of 15 liqueurs, Juices and Syrups (customers choice of branded spirits). This first machine of its kind will, therefore, give accounts control on the precise measurement of the ingredients ensuring that every cocktail is consistent in taste and price by a tap of a button. It doesn't replace the bartender (you can still create your own flair to each drink), and there are no pre-mixes, it just makes the skill of cocktail making a lot easier.

There are two types of machines:

1) Gig 15, using 15 lines for spirits/juices/syrups for the main bar - permanent position
2) A mobile unit ideal for events; outdoor areas. Includes ice well, cocktail washer, small preparation area, battery or mains operated (800 cocktails per charge)
3) Cocktail Slush Machine - turn any mocktail or cocktail into a slush - perfect for margaritas.

The benefits include:
Perfect blended Cocktail every time without a drop of waste
Programme your own recipes and use your own Branded Spirits and use our Cocktails Supreme Juices and Syrups.
The mobile unit can be fully branded and modified to reflect your brand.
Full financials available on the machine. A clever app on the tablet gives you full analytics showing you what products were used, what cocktails were dispensed, what your profit per unit is and full stock control reports. All the information is backed up to our cloud allowing you to access this information on your desktop or phone.
Cocktails can be dispensed into a Shaker if required to create some theatre/flair or just press the button during your busy times
Preparation time is 20-30 seconds quicker and enables the bartender to pour other drinks simultaneously
Perfect for venues that may not have a trained mixologist but want to offer the perfect cocktail.

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Stand Number: FB1221