Dev Clever Ltd

Dev Clever - A leading developer of competitive multiplayer VR experiences will be attending the Expo and featuring there head-to-head gladiatorial space combat game Vanguard: Fight for Rudiarius. The `Pay Per Play` multi-player game allows players to compete against each other as space-age gladiators in full 360` virtual reality. Developed specifically for retail leisure, entertainment and attractions operators, Dev Clever`s competitive VR experiences have been designed to offer a lightweight and low-cost installation of multiplayer virtual reality experiences that require minimal floor space to facilitate up to 10 players in a single game.
Vanguard is an action-packed competitive game with a choice of ships to pilot and various weapons to utilise as players battle to win there honour in the space arena. To add to the competitive edge of the game, at the end of each session players are ranked on a leader board according to how many `kills` they earned, allowing the victor their well-earned bragging rights!
With a large development resource and a proprietary multiplier virtual reality framework, Dev Clever also offer bespoke development experience and game solutions to operators based on their requirements and unique customer base.

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Stand Number: FM2380