Expense Reduction Analysts

At ERA we help our clients to get more value from their suppliers, by improving the services received and reducing costs. Our extensive team is able to interrogate every aspect of your operational expenditure. With our comprehensive understanding of the Hospitality and Leisure Industry (H&LI) cost base, we support organisations to address weaknesses and overcome the challenges preventing them from optimising the value they receive from suppliers.

Our proven track record demonstrates how we improve the efficiency and profitability of organisations just like yours.

Our clients in the H&LI rely on us to share insight and provide expert resource to solve protracted issues that are facing their businesses right now. Our focus is on helping you procure the right solutions to fit your business, in whatever sphere of operational purchasing matters to you. This could be a simple case of tendering to identify better value for money on foodstuffs, through to ensuring you are investing in the right technologies at the right time, and everything in-between.

Providing expert knowledge to maximise spend on operational goods and services is where our expertise lies and where maximum benefit can be found for your business. There can be some resistance to engage professional purchasing support, for fear we might somehow commit our clients to all kinds of undesirable liabilities. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. We cannot do half a job, submit an invoice and then quietly retreat into the shadows. We pride ourselves on forensic reviews and supported implementations that enable clients to benefit where they would otherwise not.

These benefits broadly fall into 1 or more of 3 categories: Fix, Avoid and Accomplish:
With our help, you may well Fix an issue that has been a problem for some time. This could be replacing poor supplier service and quality with another supplier that is better-suited to your organisation, or agreeing price holds for a further 12/24 months.
You may Avoid something that could have a negative effect on your business, such as automatic contract extensions or switching to a supplier who our market knowledge would suggest isn`t a good fit for your business.

And we may also help you Accomplish something, turning aspiration into reality. A great example of this was obtaining a disputed rebate for a H&LI client that had been ongoing for many months. Another example is consolidating suppliers to 1 or 2 to obtain best value and reduce complexity.

The impact of being independent and examining your business from the outside in allows us to challenge practices and ask probing questions. Think of ERA as an extension of your own team, checking on all aspects of your purchasing to identify and take action where we see supplier sharp practices, whilst simultaneously checking prices and requesting credit notes where appropriate.

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Stand Number: H883