Hownd converts nearby consumers into profitable customers when they`re interested!

Hownd is the next evolution in tech-enabled retail impulse marketing that for the first time effectively serves the needs of local retail merchants AND consumers.

We`re already generating millions of dollars in profitable revenue from new and returning customers for thousands of single- and multi-attraction family entertainment centers, health & beauty business, and casual dining restaurants & bars.

Consumers want family entertainment, health, wellness, beauty, dining, drinking, and other types of fun tailor-made just for them with enticing `Buy Now` and coupon promotions. They want personalized experiences based on their interests and location. And they want them conveniently available on a mobile app.

Merchants who provide these experiences want more new customers who come back again and again. They want to be empowered to grow their business effortlessly, predictably and quantifiably. And they want to accomplish this affordably, profitably, and with an increase in average spending from each customer visit.

We make attracting new and returning customers easy with a fully-automated `done for you` marketing platform infused with best practices.

It creates sustainable foot traffic by delivering actionable Buy Now offers and coupon promos on your website and through mobile, email, social media, and free WiFi data collection.

It`s nearly effortless and takes just 5 minutes to set up. And best of all - it`s available at zero-risk through a Pay-Per-Visit™ pricing program.

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Stand Number: FM2244