GIGA Turbines

GIGA Turbines` enclosed rotor design reduces the noise traditionally associated with wind turbines, making it the quietest in any class, and can be installed on all types of boats, yachts, canal boats and also caravans, mobile homes and in remote locations. Due to the condensed size and being unobtrusive whilst operating, the GIGA Turbine can be used in a variety of locations where leisure battery is required such as perimeter fencing, outside lighting and to complement existing solar panel systems.
Made from injection moulded UV stable ASA plastic, GIGA Turbines are compact, lightweight, durable and fully weatherproof. `Our single turbine is just 325mm in diameter, making it the smallest and weighing in at under 2kg, the lightest wind turbine for leisure battery charging currently available,` says CEO.
The GIGA wind turbine will start generating power from 3 knots of wind and is capable of producing up to 30w from a single unit, and 60w from a double unit at wind speeds of 26 knots. The GIGA Turbine has no upper limit to the wind speed in which the turbine can generate power due to enclosed blades.

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