Hartdean Ltd EcoKnit Towels

EcoKnit towels and robes by Hartdean have been proven to dry up to 40% faster than standard woven towels, therefore using 40% less energy in the process. EcoKnit towels and Bath Robes require 15% less water per wash resulting in savings on utility bills. If you are a hotel or laundry in a remote island where energy and water resources are limited and at a premium then EcoKnit is the answer.

EcoKnit are snag proof, this means you can take a wire brush and pull on the loops as hard as you like, no loop will pull, guaranteed. Due to this strength, each towel will last 2 to 3 times longer than woven towels, this has been proven. No frayed edges, no wastage and therefore no replacement costs. We have towels being washed to over 200 times and still in good condition, EcoKnit robes being washed to 300 washes and still fit for purpose. This eliminates the re-ordering cost and reduces costs long term.

EcoKnit has been designed to help reduce towel laundering costs. They will reduce your energy and water consumption and reduce your laundering bills. A unique construction has been developed to give the towels and robes the quick drying, water saving and snag resistant characteristics, making it exceptionally durable and long lasting. Whether you are a hotel, a commercial laundry, a boutique, B&B or cottage you too can gain from the savings associated with EcoKnit products. If you are a member of the Green Hoteliers, Carbon Trust, Energy saving trust or linked to Green Tourism having EcoKnit products can only help you improve your sustainability focus.

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