Say hello to 1bn Chinese consumers with JGOO! We connect western businesses to Chinese consumers via a combination of mobile payments and powerful marketing tools. As the official UK institution for WeChat Pay and Alipay, we enable businesses to tap into the thriving Chinese market by catering to their preferred payment methods and joining the 20 million merchants already offering this trusted payment option.

Our services extend beyond payments alone; we provide bespoke WeChat marketing services to further increase your visibility among Chinese consumers. As China`s largest and most dominant social network, WeChat combines all of the most popular western apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp and Amazon into one smooth-running `super-app`. With an active user base of 1.4 billion monthly users, WeChat is a powerful tool for brands looking to attract Chinese consumers and tap into its digital generation.

There has been a stark increase in Chinese tourists visiting the UK, providing an almost unlimited opportunity for Western brands to get on the Chinese map. With JGOO's combined integration, you can reach Chinese tourists visiting the UK and buying remotely from China - we provide quick and easy setup, allowing you to start reaching consumers in as little as 3 days.

Check out our website at www.jgoo.co for more information on our payment and marketing services and learn how we can help you grow your business.

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