KBI is the company behind Flexipave, a unique trade-marked product that uses recycled vehicle tyres, stone and a unique bonding agent to form a highly porous paving product. Using the same process, we also developed Flexistone, a product that offers the same porous property for vehicular use.

Using recycled vehicle tyres as a core material makes KBI Flexipave one of the greenest and most innovative infrastructure solutions on today`s market. Its high porosity combined with the flexible properties of rubber makes it the ideal choice for footpaths, tree surrounds, driveways & access paths.

Our product allows for quick and efficient drainage of water directly in to the ground, aiding the natural replenishment of water levels. When you add to it the fact that it requires nearly zero maintenance, you`ll understand why KBI UK Ltd are fast becoming the go-to company for local authorities, specifiers, architects and major building contractors.

Forward thinking organisations looking to deploy Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), reduce maintenance costs and develop greener operations will find that the product meets all of these criteria.

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