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Lubron is one of the market-leading water treatment companies in the UK, which has branches in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and over 40 years` experience in industrial and commercial water treatment services. Clean, high-quality water treatment is essential to the hospitality sector. Additionally, water composition has a direct impact on the service life of equipment and insufficiently treated water can cause a multitude of issues.
With Lubron`s water treatment services, we can help you to achieve improved food and beverage quality plus remarkable result for ware washing and laundry through purified soft water solutions. Treated water not only guarantees hygiene but tastes better. It also prevents serious and expensive damage to equipment and saves money on energy and chemicals.
Lubron have found success in both designing and manufacturing bespoke systems, tailored to customer requirements.

Reduce Maintenance Costs, Increase Profits

By using softened water in kitchen equipment, scale deposits are minimised and maintenance costs are kept low. Through installing Lubron Water products, potential equipment malfunctions are significantly reduced, providing reassurance for you and your business.

Less Cleaning

The high standards of cleaning demanded throughout the industry, require the removal of scale from tiles and taps in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. By using decalcified water, scale deposits can be reduced significantly, resulting in both time and cost savings.

Our specialist services include:

- Design and Manufacture Water Treatment Equipment
- Water Treatment Servicing and remedial
- Water Hygiene Services and Risk Assessments
- Water Sampling and Testing
- Cleaning and Disinfection of Water Systems
- Technical team of experts
- Highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers located throughout the UK
- 24/7, 365 Support
- ISO 9001 / 14001 accreditation

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