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The world of the Living Puppets!

They could soon be saying `Hi there` to you and of course anything YOU come up with! Learning to play with the Living Puppets® is child`s play whatever puppeteer`s age. It`s really easy to bring the hand puppets to life using the moving mouth. Simply give it a try and find out which one suits you. They are ideal as playmates, learning partners, living characters, cuddly friends, family members, confidantes, role players, story tellers, imagination developers, spin doctors, foreign language talents, truth tellers, everyday heroes... And much more. You will see how endlessly charming your little cuddly friends can be when you bring them to life through play. And that is also why they`re called Living Puppets! Living puppets are available from well-stocked toy retailers. If your toy shop doesn`t stock Living Puppets though and it also can`t order them, visit our online shop.

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