Maxxton Software enables holiday parks and campsites managed more efficiently. The core business of Maxxton since day one is to provide property management software (PMS), which is specifically designed and continuously developed to meet the unique requirements of the holiday parks industry. With enough flexibility to supply independent parks up to the multi-location holiday village groups.

Maxxton software enables you as a user to control efficiencies across all departments of your chain of holiday parks and/or campsites allowing you to spend more time with your guests. By providing service and user-friendliness with Maxxton software, it makes it possible for you to optimize your business.

With a strong and proven global track record by serving the hospitality industry for over 20 years, the Maxxton software system for bookings and business operations is the only one of its kind. Maxxton was able to build a large portfolio with best practices and became a reliant partner for bigger companies by managing 1.000.000+ reservations annually. The Maxxton Software is offering stability, versatility and scalability in data processing, while reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and creating (new) marketing opportunities for your organization. Working with Maxxton also maximizes transparency and prepares your organization for growth. Numerous companies operating in the global hospitality industry benefit from Maxxton, in terms of organization and performance.

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