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touchscreen entertainment system and services for our customers across holiday parks
With games and Music to set your venue apart from the rest
At We`re backed by an experience Research and Development team of product development engineers, who ensure our products remain innovative business propositions for our customers, meeting constantly changing market requirements as technology, social habits and tastes evolve.

The Entertainer™lite has changed the touchscreen entertainment system market is an interactive powerful and effective business tool that provides the pubs, hospitality, leisure and holiday sectors with an endless flow of fun, events, and great entertainment for their customers. At a fantastic low price making it the go to product

The Entertainer™lite -Key Features

Change the way you manage your venue with an easy-to-use, powerful touch screen system. The Entertainer™lite is a powerful, effective touch screen tool that will help grow your business, while delighting customers with an endless flow of fun events and great entertainment. It`s the UK`s No1 entertainment system.
Its` easy-to-install, easy-to-use interface provides instant access to a huge variety of features, allowing site operators and managers to take total control of entertainment, every day and night of the week.

The Entertainer™Lite is popular in many types of venue: from pubs and clubs to hotels; from holiday parks to universities; and from sports and social clubs to cruise ships. It`s crammed with music, videos, karaoke, bingo, racing, games, adverts, and many more features that encourage your customers to return time after time.
• Latest charts and music requests if it`s not on there we would be surprised but ring or email and we will put it on there

The Entertainer™lite contains a range of simple-to-use music features and draws from our server at `Mediatheme HQ` you able to download music to your system quickly and efficiently

• Latest music videos
You can tailor your background music for times of the day or particular occasions with Smart Play, or cross-fade music and make playlists play music videos In DJ Player

• New and classic karaoke tracks
The Entertainer™ holds a massive repertoire of fully orchestrated modern and classic karaoke tracks. It`s simple to use. Tracks can be found easily and there are no discs to change over. download from our huge catalogue supplied by Sunfly karaoke

• New quiz questions
You can choose pre-set rounds or make up your own. Select a difficulty rating and pick your rounds from nine different categories, with questions and answers displayed on your screens for all to see.

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