Meter Macs

Meter MACS

The Meter MACS system comprises of three main parts, these being the Meter MACS Meter, the Meter MACS Management Console and the Customer Gateway. These components allow us to collect a number of different metrics from your resources using the Meter MACS meter, we then process that information which is then freely accessible using the Meter MACS Management Console. In Addition, to that, we also provide you with a Customer Gateway which allows your customers to manage their own accounts and assets making the whole process of management and customer control a simple and sleek one.


We operate in four main sectors: Leisure Parks, Marinas, Commercial and Industrial and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with our biggest presence in the Marina, Industrial port and Caravan park arenas.

However, the capacity for the Meter-MACS solution is extensive where there is secondary supply to customers, such as holiday let`s, serviced offices, dormitories, universities, factories and workshops.

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Stand Number: H942