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Eco-friendly outdoor furniture saves you time and money for 25 years!

Each year consumers purchase approximately 13 billion plastic drinks bottles, and every person in the UK will generate an average of 167lbs of plastic waste.

With staggering figures such as these and plastic pollution in the world`s oceans now clearly visible from space, the demand for organisations to manufacture and provide sustainable products is ever increasing. Hospitality venues around the UK are striving to become greener, not only to benefit the earth but to raise sustainability profiles and meet the demand of environmentally minded visitors.

Here at NBB Recycled Furniture, we are helping to tackle the issue of plastic waste from entering landfill, with the production of high quality and visually attractive outdoor furniture made from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Implementation of NBB Recycled Furniture at your venue is an easy way to raise your sustainability profile and promote your environmental credentials to your guests and supporters. NBB products also offer many more benefits than wooden alternatives, saving you a substantial amount of time and money over the product`s lifespan.

NBB Recycled Furniture products are maintenance-free:
The hardwearing properties of recycled HDPE allow for our products to be left outside all year round without any risk of distortion or damage to the material. It doesn`t matter if it`s the hottest summer on record or the coldest ever winter, our products will withstand all weather conditions and require zero annual maintenance.

More hygienic and safer for your guests:
NBB Recycled Furniture will not rot, crack or splinter like wooden alternatives, making it a lot safer for your guests. It is resistant to wood boring insects, algae and bacteria that typically cause problems for timber equivalents and can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth when dirty.

Guaranteed for 25 years:
We`re so confident in our products that we guarantee them for 25 years! That`s five times longer than most wooden alternatives, saving you heaps of money in product replacement.

Recycling loop:
Once our furniture has come to the end of its life, it can be recycled again ensuring that the plastic bottles used in its production are never wasted.

Accessible products for all guests:
To ensure all your guests feel included and comfortable, we offer picnic tables that are suitable for use with wheelchairs, mobility aids and pushchairs. We also offer a range of furniture and outdoor play items designed especially for children.

Save money now with our special bundle deals and free delivery:
We know that you won`t just want one of our products, so have put together special bundle deals for multiple purchases. Delivery is also free on all UK mainland* orders!

Be sure to visit us on stand H920 at this year`s Holiday Park & Resorts Innovation Show to view a selection of our products and speak with our friendly team.

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