The National Caravan Council Benevolent Fund

We all take things for granted, but none of us knows for certain what is around the corner. The NCC Benevolent Fund (the Fund) is the caravan industry charity, dedicated to helping people who have worked or work in any sector of the industry, we can help with the big things and the small things when life doesn`t go as expected.
There are many times in our lives when we`re unable to cope with whatever life has thrown at us. Stress and anxiety can be debilitating. The Fund hopes that it can alleviate this stress and anxiety by providing people with practical things to change their situation.
A washing machine or fridge may not feel like a luxury, but when it breaks unexpectedly, it could put a big pressure on already stretched finances, and then there are expenses that arise from ill health or a disability, where additional funds for transport or specialist equipment just cannot be met from a person`s usual income.
In these situations, the Fund is on hand to provide these essentials, we understand how easy it is to get in debt or face higher long-term costs from having to use a service such as a laundrette or take out high-cost credit to replace items.
Just in the past 12 months, the Fund has provided grants to cover funeral costs, priority bills after illness, death or benefits cuts have left people struggling to catch up. We have also provided respite breaks to help people recover from illness or to support families when diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.
The Fund can help caravan industry colleagues with:
The essentials: The Fund can provide a range of support when people are struggling, through no fault of their own. We can provide essential household items such as fridges, ovens or washing machines, which can help people to avoid taking on extra debt or living without.
The life-changing: An accident, a health condition, a disability, a sick child or partner, could all change someone`s circumstances. The Fund can help by providing disability or mobility aids, respite breaks, specialist equipment or even transport costs to get patients to and from medical appointments.
The unexpected: When the unexpected happens, such as a sudden death in the family, a relationship breakdown or the loss of income, it can create feelings of anxiety and leave us wondering how we are going to cope. The Fund can help with bills such as funeral expenses or items to set up a new home.
This is why the NCC Benevolent Fund needs to exist and why we work so hard for our industry colleagues - past and present.
We are funded entirely by donations from our industry and your support is appreciated by every single person that we help. To find out how you could support the industry charity visit

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Stand Number: H1441