Omnicharge provides portable power solutions to power anything, anywhere.

Omnicharge is a power solution company that delivers uncompromising portable power
access for today's tech-infused society. Our products power up any device, anywhere at any
time to provide a reliable and versatile power source to complete any task on the go.

Whether you want to charge a latop, mobile phone, tablet, gaming device, camera, drone or speaker, Omnicharge products have all the ports you'll ever need: everything from an AC socket, to a DC out port, USB-A and USB-C output, and wireless charging, you can easily power all your devices wherever you are.

Our smart and self-service Power Station makes it easy to manage and charge multiple Omnicharge products at the same time. Turn a single wall socket into ten portable outlets without the cost associated with a traditional electrical retrofit in high traffic areas.It takes just minutes to retrofit any space with accessible and reliable power. Not only is the actual unit quick and easy to install, but the solution itself is portable versus the traditional tethered alternatives that guests would normally use.

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Stand Number: FM1780