S2T GROUP supplies the PERFO range of innovative interlocking ground and grass reinforcement solutions for both light and heavy duty applications.

The PERFO tiles, manufactured from recycled PE, can be quickly and easily installed directly into existing grass surfaces without excavation.

PERFO improves and reinforces access to rural areas and provides stable green field parking, preventing rutting.

The PERFO system can also be installed into a bedding layer of crushed stone chippings to provide a durable yet permeable parking surface for intensive daily vehicle use. Further applications include activity areas, pathways, boat landing areas, cart tracks, vineyards, grass airstrips and helipads.

The PERFO system is also used in the equine and animal husbandry sectors. PERFO represents an economical, environmentally friendly alternative to tarmac, concrete and other options and can simplify planning issues. PERFO is SUDS compliant.

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Stand Number: FR613