Piscine Laghetto by Astralpool

The company Piscine Laghetto was founded in 1974 in Vescovato with a patent for the
manufacture of round swimming pools. In 2001, Classic, the first rectangular pool in the
world, was produced with a patent by engineer Luigi Spedini, who has been the company
owner together with the Piscine Laghetto family until 2017, when the company was
acquired by Fluidra.
Starting from 2013, the traditional imagery of the above ground pool underwent a change
with the creation of two new products: Dolcevita and Playa. With these products, together
with Playa Living and Yacht, the pool has become an item of furniture that can be placed
inside a garden and in some cases under a porch, on a terrace or even inside the house.
In this way we are anticipating a trend and opening up to new markets. Our approach is
unique in the world because we propose a new way to experience water: not only
swimming pools that are the result of advanced technological research, but also elegant
objects, expression of the Italian design, which are suitable for any architectural setting.
Our products are fashionable items of furniture containing water and do not require
additional accessories.
Our swimming pools are seen not only as a place of sport or as a status symbol. They
represent a new style of home and garden furniture where you can enjoy a comfortable
intimacy, where you can relax or receive friends, where you can live without thoughts the
proximity of the water. Our swimming pools can be assembled and dismantled in just a few hours, they require
minimal maintenance and adapt to the mobility of today's life. They can also be installed in
areas that only have seasonal use permits.
In addition to these high-end products, there is POP!, which addresses young families who
want a fashionable home and garden without spending a lot of money. POP! is the result
of the great technology and durability of the Laghetto brand. It fills the garden with its
colours, is easy to assemble and reminds us that the main goal of a pool is to enjoy some
quality time together!
POP! is a dream come true, it is a promise of many beautiful moments to remember. The acquisition by Fluidra was driven by the fact that Laghetto, although born as a family
business, thanks to the production of unique objects based on proven technology and
extraordinary durability, has a great potential for development especially in foreign
markets in which the multinational wants to invest through multiple dissemination
As of today, more than 250,000 people are proud `owners of a Laghetto pool`.

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