Established luxury confectionery brand, Farhi.co.uk, are proud to introduce their first snacking range, which has been developed to demonstrate the future of premium snacking.

The range will launch with 12 tasty options, which have all been chosen based on the brand`s current best sellers from the premium range. This will include Belgian chocolate covered fruits and nuts such as their Cocoa Dusted Belgian Milk Chocolate Caramalised Pecans with a hint of Gianduja, Dark Chocolate Coated Roasted Pistachios as well as the caramelised and savoury range including Caramalised Chilli Peanuts and Wasabi Peanuts. They will also be launching a snack box with their famous Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans, where a single serving of just 25g (1/2 pack) has the equivalent caffeine level of 1 cup of coffee, making It a great product for those on the go and need their caffeine fix.

Whilst focusing on keeping a premium product, the Farhi Snack Boxes have made sure the new range is as sustainable as possible. Not only is the packaging 100% plastic free, fully home compostable, and widely recyclable, they also use an FSC Certified board to ensure all packaging comes from sustainable sources.

Another initiative in addition to sustainability and flavour, is they have focused on a healthy snack which is also kind to the environment. Therefore, their ingredients have been carefully picked to ensure that they are Palm Oil free, Shellac free and vegan or vegetarian friendly. There are also some Kosher options in the range which have been labelled on the back.

Prices starting at £2 per box.

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