Roto VR

Roto VR deploys into the FEC sector a `one-shop-stop` virtual reality solution - based on the World-class interactive Roto VR chair.

VR is a dynamic and fast changing industry and Roto VR offer a brand-new alternative to investing in single-game experiences which can be expensive and too quickly outdated.

What is Roto?

Roto is an interactive VR chair that transforms the VR experience with intuitive motorised movement, auto-turning the user to wherever they look without exerting any effort. It's transformative and works with all content, including even internet browsing. Massively enhancing the immersive experience, with vibration feedback (powerful motors built into the seat).

The Roto FEC Package includes a PC, HMD, Payment Card Reader Interface and offers access to movies, music concerts, sports events and games. In a cost-effective package, tailored for a wide variety of locations.

Please get in touch at the show or contact (subject: Family Attractions Expo).

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Stand Number: FM2512