Silent Summer Screenings

There's a reason why open-air cinemas are so popular and its because of us!

Well, probably not the main reason but with the 18000 attendees we had last year I'm pretty sure we got it nailed down. We've done the painful part of trial and error and we're stoked to duplicate these packages for your sites and attendees, its the perfect way to entertain a massive crowd (ours are usually around 500 people) with minimal effort/supervision. You just put them in front of a big screen... and they love it! The best part is that all the sound is done through state of the art wireless headphones, silent disco style. That means that you can do these events right next to where people are sleeping and no-ones the wiser. You can set the whole thing up in 2-3 hours, play the movie and take it down again all in the same night. So if you're limited for space then this is another reason why this would go down well with you. We've dummy proofed the whole set up, put everything in numbered boxes and labelled so its super easy to set it up and take it down...less hassle, less wasted time! Easy come easy go!

It's also an easy way of making some good money. The other reason we do it through headphones is that people pay for the headphones, whereas if you just used speakers there's nothing stopping people just coming along and sitting down for free. So there's no way of people enjoying the activity without paying. Which face it, end of the day is the reason we're doing it.

Plus since you have all the headphones you can now also start doing silent disco's! So now you can still have people up and dancing to 3 different types of music all in the same place at the same time. The headphones have a range of over 300 meters so there are plenty of other activities that they can be used for, such as story time for kids, private yoga sessions, lectures, seminars.. the list just goes on. Pretty much if there's a group activity where people need to hear something then the headphones are the perfect use for it.

If its something you just want to try out for one or two nights over the summer, buy complete open-air cinema packages, even if you have multiple locations across the world we have packages catered to you or you can join our franchise. We make bespoke packages for what you are looking for and will walk you through everything you need to know to make the events work successfully plus you will have contact with our owner's community where you can share ideas to maximise profits and good times. This isn't a you buy it and never hear from us kind of deal. We will always be there in the future to help wherever we can with whatever we can.

Come say hello at the expo and we can show you the setup plus grab some free popcorn...

You're amazing!

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