Reliable Solar-Lighting designed with Wood for "Freedom in Lighting"!

With extremely low costs for installation, no cabling or electricity bills, our wooden solar-lighting is the best choice for lighting your pathways, campsites or facilities. Founded in The Netherlands SolarWoodle has been proven a major provider of sustainable Solar Lighting for campsites all over the world.

Our lighting is always made from natural materials and is completely maintenance free. The Woodles are easy to install saving enormous expenditures on cabling and installations costs. With its stunning design SolarWoodle is proving orientation lighting for all kinds of applications. SolarWoodle delivers its lighting to campsites, hotels, municipalities, beach houses bungalow parks, restaurants and many many more.

Due to its ingenious design SolarWoodle is the only manufacturer that gives guarantee on the duration of light in all seasons of the year.

Freedom in lighting is what SolarWoodle is about. You should experience it yourself!

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