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Swedice designs and develops all kinds of innovative, technical applications in order to offer spectacular winter sports solutions to Ride, Slide & Glide around the world. Focusing on winter fun for the end-user is central to our philosophy.

Swedice is originally a Swedish company specialising in snow and ice technology, hence the name: Swe(den)ice. With today's technology, we are able to offer spectacular winter sports solutions year round. So that everyone can enjoy a Ride, Slide & Glide throughout the year.

Thanks to our roots, we operate widely in the attractions and events industry in the Netherlands, and cater to the world at large. With a powerful network of experts in various industries, we carry out and operate various projects in the Benelux, Scandinavia, UK and Latin America, among others.

We are committed to delivering top-of-the-range, high-quality winter sports solutions. Our years of experience and accumulated technical expertise make Swedice a creative partner that offers a full-service package from consulting and engineering through construction and development of Ride, Slide & Glide concepts. Fun, experience, safety and the convenience of the end-user are our pillars, for any track we build. Summer, winter, temporary or permanent, with skates or without, anyone can have winterly fun through our ice rinks, Tubby and Skiddy tracks or ski pistes.

We go the next mile for our partners, not by exception, always. Are you looking for something different than the regular squared ice rink? Or do you have a venue that needs a customized design? Our ice rinks can be totally customized into your venue! One perfect example would be the ice rink that seamlessly fits into the pond of the Museum Square in Amsterdam.

Or do you fancy a Tubby track, but do you have difficulties with establishing its dimensions and appearance? Our systems can be both customized and adjusted if the wishes of the guests change. Recently, we have changed a curved Tubby track into a straight one, using the same location and materials!

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