The Water Retail Company

Save money on your water, wastewater, sewerage and drainage charges!

The Water Retail Company

We`re a new type of water supplier serving a small number of clients extraordinarily well. As associate members of the BH&HPA, we specialise in the leisure and hospitality sector. If you want cost savings and improved water and wastewater services, our team of experts will give you better value and solve all your water issues. No forms, no call centres, just tailored personal service.

The New Water Market

Since April 2017 business in England have been able to choose their water and wastewater supplier (there was already an existing market in Scotland and there is a partial market in Wales depending on how much water you use).

Businesses can choose from around 25 new licensed retailers, these are listed on the Open Water central database ( All businesses` sites were automatically switched to the incumbent water retailer for their area, and this means that if you haven't switched you will be on the default tariff (worst tariff!). Switching retailers is easy and can offer cost savings on unit water prices, consolidated billing across all sites, better service, and extras like water efficiency and water management support. The holiday and leisure sector could make big cost savings by looking at their water supplier.

The Water Retail Company (TWRC) was set up at the opening of the water retail market. It is headed by a team with extensive experience in the water industry and utilities sector.
Our simple, transparent, no-nonsense approach means we offer highly competitive pricing for water and sewerage services for large and multi-site customers.

Our Service Offering

Water efficiency is at the heart of our business. Water is a valuable resource and a significant business cost. We will offer a reduced price for water and sewerage supply and also include water efficiency measures as standard. We work with clients to develop a strategic water and wastewater plan that uses technology and innovation to drive down bills through reduced water usage, reduced effluent discharge and reduced surface water drainage.

A number of holiday and leisure companies, both large and small, have already chosen our bespoke water services and are benefiting from better value and our dedicated problem solving, we are their water partners as well as their water suppliers!

The Water Retail Company offers a bespoke and transparent service to all clients. We will work with a small number of businesses, tailoring our services to your needs. We have no call centres and treat each client individually with regular calls and site visits

Each customer has individual challenges, so we will work with you to understand your business and any issues you face. We have already saved millions of pounds of offset investment for our clients by solving their complex water problems.

We will only sell water as part of a wider water management package because water is a precious resource but additionally, the only way of making significant savings is by using less. We will utilise the latest technology and behaviour change techniques to improve efficiency in your business.

Why Choose Us?

- Dedicated to serving a small number of clients extraordinarily well
- Named client manager you can call at any time, no call centres or complex forms
- 24 hour emergency line
- Experience in working with holiday and leisure sector clients
- Good value water supply and sewerage services
- Water efficiency expertise
- Bespoke service and problem solving for all water and wastewater issues
- Transparent service offering
- Simple billing and invoicing tailored to your needs
- Legislative and regulatory expertise
- BH&HPA associate members

Contact Us

So if you are thinking about switching to The Water Retail Company for better service, lower prices and more help with water efficiency, then give us a call or email us, or come and see us at stand 1200 and we will provide you with a bespoke package. No forms, no automated call centre, no one size fits all, just personal service tailored to what your business needs.

tel: 020 3808 6608



In person: come and see us for a chat at stand H803 at the Holiday Park and Resort show

PS We only take on clients where we know we can add value and improve service, so if we aren't right for you we may recommend one of our competitors so you get the beat deal thats right for your business.

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