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Westcotec thrive on innovation, relishing the challenge of bringing new approaches to old problems. Alongside traditional speed warning signs the company produces specialist devices including Road Flood Warning and Bridge Height Warning systems along with Collision Avoidance Systems and Level Crossing Warnings.
Westcotec manufacture in their own factory based in Norfolk, utilising high quality, rigorously tested components. The single site for Manufacture, Technical Support, Research, Development, Sales and Marketing provides an ability to react swiftly to customer`s requirements particularly in the more specialist areas, this flexibility has led to custom in not only in the UK but also across Northern Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
They are one of only a few to have obtained the required CE mark for their VAS products. Westcotec has pioneered alternative energy with wind and solar options, available throughout most of its product range. Westcotec are determined to reduce their carbon footprint so for every sign sold a tree is planted in the company owned woodland, to date this numbers in excess of 8000 trees.

We provide a range of products including fixed and portable signs and signals in bespoke and standard designs. A large number of detectors can be used to trigger the displays, from radar for overspeed vehicles to optical sensors to determine vehicle height.
Our portable signs are battery powered and can be easily moved to different sites by one person. The flexibility these types of sign offer is beneficial in locations which suffer speeding problems in several areas, meaning signs can be easily deployed to target various hotspots.
All Westcotec signs can be installed onto lampposts or similar street furniture, and powered by either a mains supply, battery, solar and/or wind energy.
We specialise in creating bespoke products to address specific issues, so even if it`s something we haven`t manufactured before, these can be designed to suit your specification.

Westcotec are proud to employ enthusiastic, dedicated and forward-thinking individuals to continually grow our product range and challenge industry limits. Many employees have worked within the company for many years developing new technologies, designed to keep people safe on our roads. The team has a wealth of knowledge and experience of our products and the industry, enabling us to provide a smooth and professional experience for all our clients.

At Westcotec Ltd, we pride ourselves on the quality of our signs and innovative systems to warn motorists of the hazards ahead in time to react safely.
All hazard warning signs within the TSRGD are covered, from sharp bend warnings to animals in the road. Westcotec are able to provide cost-effective solutions to each and every situation.

We also take pride in being able to provide uniquely designed signs specifically engineered to meet the needs of our customers. Our team will work with you to produce bespoke solutions to include any combination or style you require.
Westcotec do more than just vehicle activated signs. Signs can be activated by weather conditions, height sensors, triggers from a large variety of external sources, and a growing range currently in development.

Transport for London Street Management`s Report on the Effectiveness of SIDS Reducing Vehicle Speeds concluded that SIDs are effective at reducing speeds, reducing speeds 200 metres downstream of the sign and a collision reduction of 5.6%.
SIDs are cost effective compared with road humps, chicanes and other expensive measures, they pose no problem for emergency vehicles, whilst noise and nuisance are totally absent.
Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) accurately measure the oncoming vehicles speed and displays this value to the driver. A number of variations are available, including portable versions that can be carried and installed on different sites by a single person. The sign face itself can also display a number of different messages along with the speed.
Westcotec`s range of speed signs have been proven to reduce vehicle speeds.
The sign only activates when a speeding vehicle is detected.
Our signs are lightweight, making it possible to fit them unobtrusively into the most sensitive of areas.

Smart Solar Powered Street Furniture
Westcotec has recently moved into the smart street furniture market, with options to suit all different locations and settings. The products have the capability to charge mobile phones (via cable and wireless charging), be a wi-fi hotspot alongside the potential for speakers to be implemented in them and the ability to display relevant information/marketing. The product range includes benches, bus shelters, kiosks and bins. All of the products are solar powered and therefore have the ability to be installed in any location with sufficient sunlight. This is another element of the business being conscious of its impact on the environment. If this is not feasible, then there are mains powered options as well to suit indoor/shaded locations.

Westcotec`s Automatic Number Plate (ANPR) System is a revolutionary new way of combining driver feedback with online data collection. They can be deployed as a method for speed reduction, surveillance or for car parks such as welcoming vehicles or monitoring entry times.

Westcotec are now giving their customers the chance to by air quality sensors that can be deployed across entire cities or counties. The smart technology enables real-time monitoring of air quality via an online map.
Our mission is to build a dense network of sensors that will increase people`s awareness of what we breathe in everyday. It will also help identify sources of problems and their exact locations.

We supply and install a range of bus shelters and will work in with you to get the best solution for the location. We offer a complete service including ground works, installation and routine maintenance.

Westcotec provide and install a range of Street Lighting options including LED and Solar for main roads, housing estates and private roads. We offer lighting options for amenity areas including car parking, cycle paths and public spaces. Westcotec also provide maintenance for Public Sector Street Lighting. Our focus is on the customer`s requirements, energy efficiencies and the environment.

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