Use Widgit Symbols to create an inclusive and accessible environment.

Widgit has a database of over 18,000 symbols which are widely recognised and used all over the world. Symbols can significantly help people who have learning difficulties, autism, dyslexia, low literacy skills, children who are beginning to read and those that speak English as an additional language.

By adding our symbols to your existing information, signage or website you will be able to engage and communicate clearly with your visitors; providing a richer connection between people and place.

Attractions welcome a wide range of visitors, including foreign tourists, school groups and other people who may have a disability in accessing text. Widgit Symbols can cater for all these groups and convey information quickly and effectively.

The UK`s Equality Act 2010 places an obligation on all organisations to ensure that any services they provide are extended equally to people with disabilities, including those who have difficulty in reading or understanding the meaning of words.

Widgit believe that no matter what your level of language or reading, everybody should have fair and equal access to information. We have collaborated with a large number of high-profile organisations to help them achieve this for their visitors. These include: The Eden Project, The National Trust, The English National Ballet, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, The British Science Association, The Foundling Museum, Exmoor Zoo, Transport for London, The Ambassador Theatre Group plus many others and look forward to working with many more.

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Stand Number: FM2432