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At WOW Toys, we believe in safe play for children and grown-ups. We promote imagination and traditional play through our products. A WOW Toy does not contain any PVC or BPA.

Our range of toys starts with My First WOW for 10 month+ babies followed by 1 year olds WOW vehicle range. They are all about vehicles children love! Our baby range are small size toys perfect for little hands with an adorable play figures and super cute animals! A WOW toy is built to last with great mechanical features and a battery is never needed. Also, our range of amazing bath toys is perfectly designed to not get mouldy! 45 SKUs to choose from or with MOQ 3,000 we can offer bespoke colors with your logo! We also design special grotto toys!

NEW! we offer a brand new range of large size "I AM" puzzles distributed exclusively in the UK by WOW Toys. These puzzles are designed to maximize the visual impact in your shop. I AM LIL' are ideal for kids from 5 years old with 100 pieces and I AM ANIMAL are ideal for 10 years old and adults starting with 300 pieces, 550 pieces and an impressive 700 pieces elephant puzzle! Every package includes a fact sheet about the animal.

Flamingo, Sloth, Llama, Panda, Lion or adorable Polar Bear are ready to be revealed. Get ready for the invasion!

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