XRAID Laser Game System

The Made in Italy brand

The XRAID equipments are designed with an eye to the fun of the player and one aimed at the business of the manager of the arena and they are continuously implemented in this optic. The player has at his disposal a comfortable, light and resistant game equipment that guarantees freedom of movement and top of enjoyment, but also a technology that allows maximum accuracy in emitting and receiving shots and therefore gives great involvement. Thanks to the materials, to the innovative technical solutions and to the almost endless game modes, fun is guaranteed for all kind of players, of every age and size. Managers of XRAID arenas have in use resistant and durable equipment, in continuous development to ensure constantly updated technical aspects, interactivity, involvement and loyalty of the players. Armours and phasers are designed to minimize maintenance interventions and, if necessary, to make the execution as easy as possible. XRAID is the only laser tag equipment entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. It is a high-end product and currently represents the most advanced system on the market.


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Stand Number: FM2300