Innovative Farmers

Many of the best ideas in farming have always come from farmers. But most research happens off-farm. When farmers trial, test or analyse, they're often going it alone. That’s why we’re backing innovation on the ground. Through practical ‘field labs’ we help farmers find lasting solutions to practical problems, from managing weeds and pests with fewer chemicals to testing more sustainable animal feeds. Through an online portal, farmers can find a group with similar interests. The group is matched with a coordinator to lead the field lab and a researcher to record their findings.

Innovative Farmers is part of the Duchy Future Farming Programme, funded by the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation. The network is backed by a team from LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), Innovation for Agriculture, the Organic Research Centre and the Soil Association and is supported by Waitrose. The network is made up of a growing group of farmers, advisors, researchers and businesses; working together to tackle the stark challenges which farming faces.

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Stand Number: 996