The Soil Association

The Soil Association was founded in 1946 by farmers, scientists, doctors and nutritionists to promote the connection between the health of the soil, food, animals, people and the environment. Today the Soil Association is the UK's leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use.

Through Soil Association Certification, a wholly owned subsidiary, we are best known in farming for setting and certifying to organic standards, which drive ways of farming that promote wildlife, preserve natural capital and rely on renewable resources. However, our work in farming goes wider. We work with farmers, businesses and community initiatives to put these ambitions into practice. We offer training, technical guidance and knowledge sharing events to help all farmers, organic or otherwise, to share and develop practices that are better for the environment and their businesses. We also influence policy, grounding our campaigns in this practical experience.

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Stand Number: 996