Bernard Kochen: Speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

Bernard Kochen


Are you selling your admission tickets at the right price?

About Bernard Kochen

VP Sales at Convious

Bernard Kochen has worked in the hospitality, travel and leisure industry for over 15 years and has joined Convious 1 year ago as VP Sales.

He is thrilled to be speaking at the FAE 2019 as he wants to share how artificial intelligence is disrupting the Leisure industry by giving back control over their online sales, by increasing efficiency and by making them possible to adapt to a fast-changing demand at the right time.

The attractions industry is losing billions in online revenue. Still, a lot of venues are ‘offline’ while their visitors want to buy online at better prices. They often rely on external parties and point solutions to sell their inventory online.

It''s time to take back control over your sales, pricing and your customer!
Bernard will explain how Artificial Intelligence determines the future for the leisure industry supported by case studies.

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