Daisy Mercedes: Speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

Daisy Mercedes

Longleat Enterprises Ltd

Making an Event an Attraction: Keeping One Step Ahead

About Daisy Mercedes

Since joining Longleat in 2011, Daisy has been an integral part and involved with the culture change and structure to develop the Longleat Brand and Master Plan. Initially coordinating the design and development of new attractions at Longleat followed by managing over 500 staff as the Operations Manager in 2014, Daisy now heads up all Commercial and Corporate Events and Product Development at Longleat.
2019 has been an exciting year celebrating the arrival of the first ever Southern Koalas to Europe allowing opportunity for Daisy to design and produce an Australian Summer 45 day event. In September Daisy lead the largest annual Hot Air Balloon event in Europe into another record breaking year and for 365 days a year, is also the Design and Project lead for the Festival of Light which is now in its sixth year, following being the first ever lantern festival in the UK in 2014.

Opening the first ever drive-through Safari Park outside Africa in 1966, Longleat has always been at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. Still as the UK’s No.1 Safari Park, Stately Home and Attraction – have an insight into how Events and Productions are evolved and incorporated into a busy multi stakeholder business to keep the engagement of existing and new audience whilst maintaining the pioneering brand.

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