Rosie Briercliffe: Speaking at Leisure and Hospitality World

Rosie Briercliffe


Leveraging Park-wide WiFi to power Smart Holiday Parks

About Rosie Briercliffe

Rosie is in charge of the successful implementation of Wifinity’s Smart Park solutions, working closely with our market leading holiday park customers. With 14 years’ experience, she is responsible for ensuring that our innovative smart park technology and excellent user experience are rolled our across all of our holiday parks and meet our standards for best in class connectivity. Prior to Wifinity, Rosie worked with some of the UK’s most recognised brands, delivering transformational change to business infrastructure and operations.

We will paint a picture of how we can use WiFi to connect an entire Park: In van, in outdoor spaces, and in communal areas. This is about so much more than just being able to surf the web; Connectivity becomes part of the fabric of the entire site: enabling Smart Technology and smart operator solutions, collecting data, communicating with guests.

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